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Uniform Guidance

Civil Air Patrol (and Jeffco Squadron) takes uniforms seriously. Uniforms are a projection of our professionalism and striving for excellence.

CAP has contracted with Vanguard to provide uniform items, though uniform items can be ordered from anywhere if they comply with the standards in CAP's uniform manual M39-1 (found on CAP's Regulations, Supplements, and Manuals page). Below is a list of Vanguard items which are relevant to Jeffco Squadron so you don't have to read M39-1 carefully; CAPM 39-1 is a very nuanced manual and it's easy to get things wrong!

CAP Jeffco requires that you have at least one uniform: the Formal uniform. The Operational Uniform is optional.

Formal Uniform

Jeffco does not yet have any documented guidance for formal uniforms. Check back here soon!

Operational Uniform

Shirt Men Women Estimated Cost Comments

Short-sleeve Blue Golf Shirt with Embroidered CAP Seal

CAP0960G CAP0960G $50 including tax, shipping, and custom embroidery

There is an option for custom embroidery. For your first shirt, we recommend getting your name embroidered, with no aeronautical or insignia embroidery. If your name is Jonathan Q. Pilot, and you want people to call you John, we recommend ordering the shirt with John Pilot or John Q. Pilot embroidered. We recommend only ordering one shirt if it is your first shirt, because your aeronautical ratings (or "wings") and insignia may change rapidly in your first few years of CAP, and you will probably want to order new shirts with those ratings/insignia when you earn them.

There are a few variants of this shirt. Please consider the following:

  • There is a version with screen-print CAP seal instead of embroidered; our squadron strongly discourages this option.
  • There is a long-sleeve version of this shirt; that is perfectly acceptable but they are a little more expensive and most people have the short-sleeve version.
  • There is a darker-blue version of this shirt called the tactical golf shirt. It's a nice shirt and it has little pockets for pens and a place to clip radio equipment, but most people don't need the place for radio equipment and the shirt almost looks black in comparison with the other shirts.

Grey Trousers (hemmed)

Get from local store

Get from local store


There is nothing special about the grey pants needed for CAP. You can find less-expensive trousers at a local department store and we recommend against the Vanguard tactical pants linked here. Normal trousers (as opposed to tactical/cargo pants) can be used with the formal uniform (which is the only required uniform), so you get more value for your money. The grey should be 'medium grey', not dark or light.

Belt 251060 251060 $20 including tax and shipping Any black belt will do, though preferably it will have a silver or black buckle as opposed to gold. This Vanguard tactical belt goes well with the grey tactical trousers, but it may be too wide for some pants' belt loops.
Socks N/A N/A $10 for a pack of 3

Women's socks: Socks will be plain without design, clean, and serviceable. Black socks will be worn with low quarters, dress boots and black jungle/combat boots. Plain white socks may be worn under the black socks as long as the white socks are not visible.

Men's socks: Socks will be plain without design, clean, and serviceable. Black socks will be worn with low quarters, dress boots and black jungle/combat boots. Plain white socks may be worn as long as the white socks are not visible

Boots/Shoes CAP2900A CAP3300 $110 including tax and shipping

Boots are recommended (as opposed to shoes) for members who will become part of an aircrew. But, black shoes will suffice if you want to keep costs down. We recommend black shoes for a member's first few months in CAP to ensure they want to become an aircrew member.

Men's shoes: Plain of a commercial design and without ornamentation such as buckles or straps.

Men's boots: Plain black commercial design without ornamentation such as buckles or straps; sole will not exceed ½ inch in thickness and shoe heels will not exceed one inch (measured from the inside front of the heel). Highly polished, high gloss, or patent leather.

Women's shoes: Refer to CAPM 39-1 section 6.4.5.

Undergarments N/A N/A $20 for a pack of 3 These are not sold by Vanguard, but your local department store or grocery store will have them. Important: The neck of an undershirts should not be visible behind the buttons of a polo shirt. For men, this usually means a deep V-neck shirt.
Total     <$230 Shipping costs might be free if you order a certain amount of equipment at the same time.


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